Grace Jamaican Style Jerk Marinade Sauce - 350ml

Grace Jamaican Style Jerk Marinade Sauce - 350ml

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Easy and fast, Grace Jerk Marinade is your all-in-one jerk. Simply put onto your raw meat, marinate for at least one hour and you are ready to cook in an oven, on the grill or stove top.

Tip: Brush on additional jerk marinade during cooking for extra flavor!


water, seasoning (scallions, hot peppers, salt, black peppers, allspice, nutmeg, citric acid, sugar, thyme), soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate), brown sugar, onions, canola oil, green onion, spices & herbs, salt, garlic, corn syrup, concentrated lime juice, white vinegar, concentrated orange juice, tomato paste (tomatoes), Dijon mustard (white vinegar, mustard seeds, water, salt, white wine, citric acid, turmeric, tartaric acid, spices), garlic powder, spice blend (sugar, salt, red pepper, chili pepper, dried garlic, dried onion, spices, canola oil), ginger, cocoa powder, caramel color, onion powder, xanthan gum, habanero pepper, dried parsley, potassium sorbate.